We are a company dedicated to the representation of Chinese, American and other innovative in the market, responsible for the manufacture of electronic products and more. We are always searching for the tendencies in general technology and novelty products, that you are looking for your company.

QUIMERA TECH is part of QUANTUM CORP S.A.C., group dedicated to the distribution of products to companies and people, we also have our own brand, which includes a wide line of diverse products of technology and innovation.


Our shipping is the best combination between speed and low price, we do shipping by sea or air according to your commodities, our focus is to give you the best solution to your company, placing the Chinese companies closer to you and in your language.



The latest in technology from computer and gaming articles to cellphone accessories and the tendency in portability with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Toys, coleccionables and entertainment

QUIMERA TECH offers the newest catalog in products for all ages and likes, find scale models, miniatures, action figures, small electric vehicles, etc.

Sports and fitness

We have a wide range of equipment to excel in any sport activity and fitness with safety and comfort. Obtaining a desirable physical condition has never been easier!

Clothing and home articles

We present a wide arrange of products for the usage of space, decoration and home security, we also offer the tendency in practical and comfortable clothing.


Smart Spaces

Build, design, remodel or adapt your own Smart Space! With the products we offer, any place of your home or office can be a Smart Space. Employing Wi-Fi technology through the principal controller integrating all of the systems of your spaces, the activity and use of the devices can be monitored and controlled from distance with your mobile.

We offer a great variety of products that work smart: LED illumination, thermostats, movement-detecting sensors for doors and windows, sockets and switches, surveillance cameras, equipment adaptors, smoke detectors and fire alarm, etc.


Construye, diseña, remodela o adapta tu propio espacio Smart! Con los productos que te ofrecemos, cualquier ambiente del hogar u oficina puede ser un espacio Smart. Utilizando la tecnologia wi-fi mediante el controlador principal integrando todos los sistemas de los espacios, se puede monitorear y controlar a distancia via movil la actividad y uso de los equipos.

Te ofrecemos una gran variedad de productos que trabajan con el sistema Smart: iluminacion LED, termostatos, sensores de movimiento para puertas y ventanas, interruptores, camaras de vigilancia, adaptadores de equipos, detectores de humo y alarma, etc.